A sustainably-developing, connected and job-creating region

The world of tomorrow is in motion! With all the possibilities offered by digital technologies and the concern to save resources, we have already changed our ways to produce, consume,live, travel and exchange. We are entering the 3rd industrial revolution and gradually moving towards a society and an economy that are more responsible, more sustainable, better connected and more collaborative.

In Hauts-de-France, we call this 3rd industrial revolution rev3.

A pioneer region of the third industrial revolution

Rev3 is the regional master plan launched in 2013 with Jeremy Rifkin, in partnership with the private sector, local authorities, clusters, universities and citizens. The goal: to meet all energy needs with renewable energy by 2050 and thus to become one of the first regions in the world to enter the post-carbon era.

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guillemets-droit.pngThe 2nd industrial revolution is dying, and what we need now is a bold new economic narrative that can take us into a more equitable and sustainable future.guillemets-gauche

Jeremy Rifkin


A unique development model

The Northern French development model is unusual. Renowned for its coal mines, Hauts-de-France was the champion of the 1st industrial revolution, but has suffered from the 2nd. Today, instead of building up from scratch, the region is transforming its towns and cities, with their rich past and sometimes deep scars, by relying on the incredible mobilisation of all actors who work together to improve the model and our energy efficiency.

Key figures

projects across the territory
million € transferred by citizens in the savings account devoted to rev3 projects
million € on a new investment fund

Discover projects and companies engaged in rev3 in Hauts-de-France on rev3.fr (french)